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“This is my dream and I want to share it with you”.

My name is Janet, I am the mother of 4 kids, a registered and licensed dietitian in the State of Florida, and a PhD in Nutrition and Dietetics. I was born and raised in Cuba and my early university education included a wide curriculum that provided me with knowledge and skills in Food Science at both the clinical and molecular level. Since then, I’ve had a fascination with Nutrition.


I also lived and worked in Mexico for over 12 years. I worked as a consulting nutritionist in private and public clinics, government agencies, and in my own private practice. This allowed me the unique opportunity to work with patients with multiple conditions and from different socioeconomic backgrounds. More importantly, it gave me first-hand experience on the importance of incorporating a patient’s culture and lifestyle into their nutritional plan. These experiences allowed me to establish a successful practice working with the diverse population of South Florida since 2010.


Working in South Florida led me to develop a passion for renal nutrition – the topic of my PhD. Renal nutrition is my passion given its need for highly personalized nutritional interventions. Kidney Disease is about much more than just kidney health, it implicates patient lifestyle, diet, body composition, and cultural factors. Research and developments on kidney disease have been growing exponentially, leading to improved knowledge about the relationship between nutrition and kidney health and emerging evidence on how to prevent the loss of kidney function through Medical Nutrition Therapy.

I believe that this knowledge will dramatically change the way we practice renal nutrition in the next 10-15 years. Being a renal dietitian is both a rewarding and very exciting experience for me!   Dr. Janet Diaz Martinez

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